Offer Your Calm


I like to think I have things under control. Most of my time is spent making sure everything is lined up perfectly in advance. The second something goes wrong(which seems like every other second) I panic. I never suffered from anxiety before but this year it introduced itself and moved into my home. Do I know worrying is a waste of time? Do I realize panicking will not change the situation? Of course I do. Maybe that is what is most frustrating of all. 

One of those moments presented itself today that sent me straight into swearing and palpitations. It’s like being on speed and not being able to contain all the energy inside of me. Sometimes I wish I could burst just to let some pressure out. It sits on my chest and it’s heavy and I feel like it’s hard to breathe. But today, that’s exactly what I did do. I said to myself, all I can do is breathe and I focused on doing that and nothing else. One breath at a time I could feel myself calm. This incredible urge to remedy the problem quieted down enough that my heartbeat returned to normal.

Anxiety is a tough thing to swallow and I know how difficult it is for the people who live with and love someone who suffers. It’s important to know that we cannot control it. It’s just as frustrating for us as it is for everyone else. So be supportive. Offer your calm in their time of crazy. You will be surprised at the difference it makes.

9 thoughts on “Offer Your Calm

  1. I had anxiety for about a year several years ago. I would wake up with a racing heart and ended up in the ER with a heart rate of 146. I underwent all kinds of tests and every came back negative. It was then that I realized it was anxiety and not my heart. It was a horrible year but it went away once I realized everything was fine. It really is about controlling your thoughts and your mind, though it’s tough when your mind just runs away. I learned that if you have intrusive thoughts (which I did) that the worst thing you can do is to tell your self to stop thinking about it. The more you try to push thoughts away the more they take over. You have to just let them be and give them room, when you stop pushing, the thoughts stop pushing back and disappear. It takes practice, but it works.

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