Sh!$ Happens


I put so much time and effort into writing a post this morning. All of a sudden the site crashed and that post I worked so hard on was gone. I am trying my best to stop reacting to everything that happens and choose how I respond. I could throw a fit and frantically try to write the post again or I can simply say, oh well and move on. I have to stop believing that bad things always happen to me and remember that sometimes things happen. It has nothing to do with me. The world is actually NOT conspiring against me even if I want to believe it is. This is a reminder that sh!$ happens. You can either lie down and roll around in it or step over it and move on. I say move on. Happy Monday!


18 thoughts on “Sh!$ Happens

  1. I’ve had that happen to me before and yeah you just have to learn to move on. I think what holds us back from growing as individuals is reacting in a very negative way when adversities hit us. But that’s great that you’re not letting it hold you back!

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  2. I thought we learned this lesson a long time ago. Never write directly to the site unless it’s no longer than a full text message. The safe bet is to save a text file on your PC or device and THEN transfer that text to a blog post framework.

    I have begun to think any such instances of losing my work is the cosmos telling me to do something else. It’s like not having that teacher or boss there to tell me, “This is not the time or place for that.”

    Idina Menzel. Let it go. 😛

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