A Random Act of Kindness


All it takes is the kindness of a single human being to alter an entire day. My daughter and I went out for lunch today and were very content to sit outside and enjoy this gorgeous day. To our surprise, the manager came outside and told us he was picking up the entire bill because our food had taken so long. I imagine several people must have complained but everytime the waitress apologized, we assured her we were in no hurry and it was really okay. Kindness is contagious and I look forward to paying it forward so this chain continues to go round and round. When is the last time you were surprised by a simple act of kindness?


8 thoughts on “A Random Act of Kindness

  1. Yesterday, our friend came down to the marina with a 2 litre bottle of mineral water as the mains were out for several miles due to a burst water main at the pumping station.
    As an aside, have you seen the film Evan Almighty? It’s a follow on from Bruce Almighty (but no Jim Carrey) and Evan (the anchorman) has to build an ark. It’s not brilliant but it has its moments. This would link to your post quite well I think!


  2. Although it didn’t happen to me, the restaurant we go to every Saturday have a slew of them. The first person paid for someone’s meals or then paid for 3 other people. Everyone was talking about it.


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