One Small Step


Am I living the life I want? Am I living in a way that leads to a feeling of happiness or do I choose behaviors that lead to guilt and frustration? Why is it that some people reach their goals and others can’t even close to touching them?

I realized today that the hardest but most beneficial thing I could do is be honest with myself. How am I sabatoging my own dreams? What am I doing that keeps them from becoming a reality? The truth? I am lazy. And who allows me to be that way? That little person inside my head called thought. 

I realize today that my brain, my thoughts are a horse. I can either let that horse run wild or I can strap on a saddle and hold onto those reigns. I have to lead my own animal and where and how I lead it decides if I will be my own best friend or my own horrific enemy. So today, I met a small goal. I made small strides in the right direction instead of being stuck in the thinking stage. I’ve been stuck there for years and now it’s time to move my feet and the view is amazing. 

Today, tell yourself,  I am in change of my own life and I can achieve anything  Point out what’s right with yourself instead of obsessing about what is wrong. There’s enough of that all around us and we don’t need to inflict it on ourselves. Let’s try some positive talk today and maybe spread some around. The world can use so much more of that. 


7 thoughts on “One Small Step

  1. Congratulations on taking that first step. But always remember that it is but one step on the ‘new’ road of life you have chosen and without the myriad of others following it one can again be mired in complacency.

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  2. Reminded of a quote, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. So true, and in my life I am seeing it in action in a very real way right now. Without going into detail, I had something terrible happen to me recently, something I brought on myself, that I now have to face the consequences for. However, rather than let it beat me down, I am choosing to use it for good. It made me step back and realize that I had let a ton of unhealthy habits take over my life. I had simply been drifting along, with no real goals, no aim, and acting surprised that I wasn’t getting anywhere.

    So in the light of this crisis that I am facing, I took a few steps back, and said enough is enough. I examined what in my life needed to change, and began implementing small achievable goals to move myself towards those changes. For example, I’ve been eating horribly for quite some time, mostly from laziness and the fact that deep down I guess I haven’t cared too much about my health or well being for some time. It’s strange to look back on years of your life and realize, oh my god, I have been depressed. It’s like you spend so much time trying to block it out that you don’t even want to admit it to yourself. Anyway, in the recent weeks I have begun buying real, healthy food. Fruits and veggies, meat, eggs, yogurt and have started searching for new and interesting healthy foods to try instead of choosing fast food or frozen junk. And I have to tell you, it’s insane how much better I feel pretty much all the time now. When I talk to people now I can’t help but compare it to the fuel you put in your car. If you put crappy gas in your car (which lets face it its all pretty crappy these days) your car will run poorly. In the same way, food is our bodies main source of fuel, of energy. It’s burning the food that we ingest that makes our body run, either like a finely tuned race car or an old beater shooting puffs of black smoke out the tailpipe.

    This comment is getting long, so for now I will just say I am so glad I decided to get back on my blog that I had abandoned for so long. This, trying to get back into blogging, is another one of my small steps I’m taking. When I stepped back and took a look at my life, I realized that I had let all my hobbies fall by the wayside. All my creative outlets that had meant so much to me years ago have taken a backseat for far too long to the unhealthy habits I mentioned before. So, in closing, thanks for sharing, and I hope you can make it through this comment without getting bored lol.

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