Is Blogging Work or Play?


When I first started blogging I became addicted to expressing myself. The freedom to be completely, unapologetically me became like a drug I couldn’t get enough of. Then I started to pay attention to stats and I felt this insatiable need to reach so many views each and everyday. Blogging wasn’t as interesting or fun anymore. It became a competition with myself to maintain a number that at the end of the day, didn’t really mean a thing. 

The remedy was simple. I went cold turkey from blogging for awhile and now I only post when I really feel like jotting something down. I don’t want to lose the fun and gratification by getting lost in silly goals. Why the need for competition at all? Maybe it just makes sense to write what and when I simply want to. 

How about you? Is blogging more work or play?


29 thoughts on “Is Blogging Work or Play?

  1. I have used my blog to build up a writing discipline and also as a platform to engage with readers. I love blogging very much indeed but I do try to take a ‘professional’ approach with it as I am growing my career as a writer. I just try to make sure it never feels like work πŸ™‚

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  2. the-reluctant-parent

    I don’t think of my blog as a competition at all, not even worrying about stats. I have maybe 32 followers and I would imagine that the reason for that is that I don’t tag anything, ever.

    It’s the same with my music. I do it for myself and if people like it, great, if they want to support me by purchasing my work, even better, but that’s not the main motivator for me.

    Now, I suppose if I were single and on my own and depending on my music for a career, it would be a bit different but for the moment, I don’t worry about likes, follows or other numbers because I can’t ever spell that other horrible word right. lol.

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  3. I definitely see it as play as opposed to work. I wont say I didn’t dream early on that maybe I could reach mass audiences one day and actually earn income from it like some do. However, I am reminded of an old post of mine where I came to terms with the fact that isn’t super likely and I’m okay with that. For me it has always been primarily about what you described. The ability to express yourself more freely than in most places. The relative anonymity gives one a freedom to expose things about themselves that they may not otherwise feel comfortable doing. Also, I became addicted to reading comments from people who truly connected with what I had to say and it became like you said, almost a drug. I would feel a rush when I saw a new comment that showed me that my post meant something to someone even in the smallest way. It’s what makes us feel most alive I think. To connect to people in a way that we feel is genuine and meaningful. Say what you will about the fact that for many of us it’s easier to find this type of connection on the internet than in real life nowadays, I think any way you can make those connections with another human has value at the end of the day. And that is why I love blogging, and why I have missed it so much.

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    • Yes Those connections are so important. I love when when I find bloggers who are truly engaged. In this busy, crazy world, I am so very grateful when someone takes the time and effort to comment. It’s the little things in life that mean so much πŸ˜‰

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  4. I love blogging and I came to it because I had rediscovered my passion for writing and sharing and making sense of my story with likeminded bloggers. I would however lie if I said I didn’t care about the stats. I love to see how some posts get traction and I love reading comments, meaningful ones that is, on what I have written, because that tells me I didn’t put the word out there just for myself. Because if we only wanted to do that, wouldn’t we post it as private, or simply scribble it in our paper journal? I think both don’t have to be mutually exclusive, as long as you’re primarily writing for your pleasure and out of passion, there is nothing wrong with also hoping for a significant number of people to read it and engage with it. Thinking about your post I just double-checked with myself and realized I don’t feel like posting today, but commenting meaningfully. πŸ™‚

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  5. It was work at first. Getting a blog name, blog plan, coming up with what I even wanted to blog about. Now that I got a niche and have become less new to blogging, it’s definitely play (: love it!

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  6. For me it is about expressing and getting thoughts and deeds out of my head and onto a page. I enjoy when I get likes but have never tried to get more people to see my stuff. I read other stuff and if I like I hit it, if I like a blog page I may follow but I have no obligation to anyone, why would I? Just express and take whatever comes,

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  7. I never let myself get into numbers but I was sensitive to how well each blog did. Being a paranoiac, I have been known to delete posts that I felt may have been too controversial because I thought people wouldn’t like me, I mean really like me any longer. Trying to get past that. What happens to me also is that this weird depression and/or exhaustion comes over me. I feel vulnerable and defensive. I have to take a short break to regroup. I have a feeling it’s due to not getting enough sleep which acts like a depressive for me.

    My remedy for feeling inadequate or vulnerable is to change tacts and do something humorous or general.


  8. Blogging is play for me. I used to check stats when i first started but i realised I was becoming obsessed with it. I started to blog because I needed a “voice”. I realised I wasn’t going to allow stats to turn into something else for me, so I have stopped checking them. I can’t recall the last time I checked them and it’s been like a weight of my shoulders.

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  9. i think i ran into that same trap as you described… i am addicted to stats and likes. sometimes its a curse, othertimes it forces me to write down ideas that have been eating at my head for months, so it actually can be constructive. beautiful blog, thanks

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