Make Peace Not War


I watch people talk until they are blue in the face to try and change someone’s mind. I see it on Facebook with hundreds of exchanges between people where it is clearly obvious no one is really listening to the other but instead only trying to defend his or her point of view. Why do we do that? Why do we waste precious time and words on something that is never going to make a difference? Sometimes it’s necessary to agree to disagree and just move on. Why this need to feel we are right and have to prove it? Do we ever stop and consider that with some things there is no right or wrong and just a difference of opinion? Take a deep breath, be respectful and move on. Make peace not war. We have enough of that already. 

5 thoughts on “Make Peace Not War

  1. Brings to mind a line in the blockbuster movie Twister, just as the ‘bad guy’ gets his come uppance:
    “When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you”.
    We are all entitled to our point of view, all of us are different, and see things in alternative ways, rather than right or wrong. Respect someone else’s point of view and they will respect yours.

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  2. Why do some animals hiss and thrash when they cross paths? Not every meeting of minds will result in pleasant small talk or productive cooperation. Sometimes, you run into someone before they’ve “had their coffee in the morning.” You can’t ensure every two rocks that strike each other will spark a fire.

    Is it just me or am I really full of metaphors lately?

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