There are Some Things We Cannot Ignore


Sometimes I have to get real with myself and double down on the truth. There are 2 kinds of people when it comes to doing tasks, one that gets them done and one that takes forever to do them and sometimes never even gets it done. I am a doer and I do things at a rapid pace. I don’t believe in taking breaks or distractions. I put my mind to something and I get it done. 

As a parent, I often don’t have the time or energy to stay on my kids. Sometimes it is easier to do the task I am asking them to do because it relieves me of following up all day to see if it’s done. Today I stepped back and allowed myself to observe. My son couldn’t complete a single thing. He would start something, disappear, get called back and start something else but the original thing I asked him to do was left unfinished. This is a pattern with him especially in school. I don’t know how or when people became so scattered. I see it everywhere I go both in adults and young kids and especially teens. They do a lot but the problem is they do a lot of nothing. 

We are starting something new in this house. We are going to make a list of weaknesses and work on turning them into strengths. We cannot change what we choose to ignore and we have to stop ignoring what we need to change. What is something you are going to change starting today?

8 thoughts on “There are Some Things We Cannot Ignore

  1. If someone was to take my scattered mind and make me focus until I complete one thing I would go crazy. My mind goes so fast that I need to move around. Sometimes what appears to be unfocused is just another way to focus.

    Your son needs to learn how to bring the scatter full circle so he completes the original task. Not easy to do for us scatter brains. Please be patient. I don’t want him to let you down and feel he is inadequate. I know dealing with me was a challenge for my parents. Looking back, I feel so sorry for them. Positive side -I am really good at multitasking.

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  2. Good idea and good luck! I leave a trail of unfinished tasks throughout the house. I start out with good intentions but on my way to put one thing away, I see something else that needs doing so I move on to that task. Before you know it, I am sitting on the couch watching television with a multitude of tasks half finished. Life with ADD is challenging but I have accepted that it is what it is. I have an ADD grandson who follows in my footsteps. His parents are puzzled by his getting so distracted, not me. Checklists and charts.🙃

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