Just When I Think I’ve Seen Everything


Stick with me on this one and see if you can hear this story without passing judgement.

There was a Go Fund Me started on Facebook by a teenage girl who needed help paying a speeding ticket. It didn’t surprise me at all that no one helped but the comments were enough to make my skin crawl. Someone suggested she learn to suck something for money, another called her something so disgusting I cannot even repeat it. Many commented that she looks like the kind of kid that’s handed everything and others wrote get a job.

That teenage girl is my daughter and she has a pretty weird sense of humor. I think she was hoping her grandmother and aunts and uncles would help her out.

The real truth is she has a job. While most teenagers are partying and sitting around doing nothing all summer, she is working and going to leadership camps required to be on student council. The second camp was $300.00 and we made her pay for half. That being said, she missed a few weeks of work because of a family trip and two weeks of camp. Why leadership camp and student council? Because she is the type of kid who puts herself out there to make things better. She even participates in an organization at the school that raises money for a charitable cause. She is on a swim team and makes honor roll every semester.

To see the disrespect, critical and downright cruel, garbage slime that these kids wrote makes my heart hurt. They know nothing about her but they are quick to judge. My stomach actually hurts from reading some of these horrific comments. What is wrong with people? What are we raising? No wonder so many kids commit suicide. We are a society that mocks, judges and lacks empathy and compassion. We are a society that has no heart, no filter and very little respect or class. These are our future leaders and we think we are in trouble now? Just wait.

19 thoughts on “Just When I Think I’ve Seen Everything

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    this is horrible and I wonder if there’s a way to report such abusive comments to the appropriate authorities?

    People have lost their dignity as well as respect for themselves as well as other people. We are heading the way of the Roman Empire.

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  2. Terrible. Hope your daughter’s taking it well.
    I think your conclusion is a bit ironic, after all the whole exist sanche of GoFundMe is a testimony of the selflessness and caring in our generation. Yes there are bad people all over the world and even in the most beautiful places. GoFundMe is one of the most beautiful places in the world…
    So please don’t give up on your daughters generation…. We’ll be nice to her…. (Can’t take responsibility for those guys though…) all the best. Sympathies…


  3. No disrespect, but I feel many people have got fed up with pleas for financial help for circumstances that could have been avoided, and do not see beyond that. However, you are right that the comments are cruel and heartless, and it makes you wonder what kind of people actually wrote them.
    I hope your daughter has managed to raise enough to pay her fine.
    Just a thought, could she have a garage sale of things she no longers needs/wants to raise a bit of cash? We did this to revamp our kitchen and replace our front fence before we moved. Good luck.

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    • She will be fine. She just won’t be able to work as much once school starts. The worst part is she got a 50.00 parking ticket on campus at the camp she attended even though she had a parking permit so someone that ran the camp was supposed to try and get these poor kids out of having to pay. She is creative and will find a way to get the money. She is life guarding a birthday party tonight.
      I agree that people are getting fed up with pleas for financial help but they can just scroll on and leave it at that. No need to be mean or disrespectful to anyone. The first lesson we ever learn is if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I guess that lesson is long forgotten today. Sad.


  4. middle_class_adventurer

    No mother should face what you are facing. I still remember how much my mom cried when our landlady accused me of stealing her daughter’s toys when I hadn’t. But we were not in a position to argue. But now I’m academically and financially in a better place than them. There is always hope. Your love for your daughter is much much bigger than those hate comments. Your daughter is lucky to have you as a mother and clearly she was raised right. Those kids weren’t. Maybe we should feel sorry for them. Little do they know those hateful comments won’t pay bills. Stay strong.

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