Strong and Rooted


I’ve often looked at a tree with envy. I can’t help but wonder how it would feel to stand majestic and strong as the winds of life just blow on through. I wonder how comforting it would be to feel so rooted that nothing or no one could tear me down. I think about how it would feel to bend with the flow without resisting or fighting what’s going to be. 

I guess that explains why tree pose is one of my favorites in yoga. When I start to feel afraid or threatened, you can find me practicing tree pose or holding warrior, standing tall and strong for just a moment.

2 thoughts on “Strong and Rooted

  1. Your post reminded me of a thought that I had this morning. We had been away for the weekend and staying in a high rise. As I looked out this morning I saw the birds winging around a little below and thought “I’d love to be a bird. To soar and to see these majestic views every day”. I think you and I make a great pair!

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