My Prayer For Today


It was a rough night. I’m not going to lie. The cruelty and judgement that have been fired toward me and my daughter over this GoFundme situation just doesn’t seem to stop. Not only are people attacking her, strangers have tried to message me to tell me what a dirtbag I have for a daughter. The truth is, even though I know none of what they believe is true, I’m sensitive and it really hurts. I can’t for the life of me understand what makes people think they’ve got things so figured out. They see a snipet of someone’s life and they write a story and publish it for the world to see. I get that it’s just a story, their story and far from the truth but still my heart is heavy. People have become snipers only their weapon of destruction has become their words. Today I pray I find some relief from the judgement and contempt we are experiencing in the world. I pray to find forgiveness towards the ones who do not realize the lives they destroy. I pray for peace, kindness, compassion and understanding and the strength to get through this obstacle that has been placed before us. I beg you today, if you post anything on the internet today about another person, even the presidential candidates, use your words and your voice to lift others up and not destroy their reputation or tear them down. Now, more than ever we need a movement towards respect and kindness. Please tell me you will join my army and fight for humanity once again. Please hear this plea because it is so important in turning things around in such troubled times. Be better. Be kinder. Be quiet if you don’t have something nice to say.


5 thoughts on “My Prayer For Today

  1. I am so sorry to read this having read your original post on the subject and commented. I really feel for your daughter too, as what may have seemed a good idea has brought out the worst in society, and she does not deserve it. No-one does, least of all from the pen or mouths of strangers who know no better.
    How does it go………..” let ye with no sin cast the first stone”.

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  2. catherine Brown

    There will always be haters.Shake it off.There are also alot of good people to.Don’t give the haters a second thought.They nothing better to do with their life but tear down.They aint happy till they get their daily dose of being a downer.

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