Can People Change?


I am totally committed to not worrying anymore. I have worked very hard this summer to change the inner dialogue going on inside of me. I realize now that most of the suffering and stress I experienced last year was self induced and I can only hope and pray I learned from some very unnecessary mistakes. 

They say people can’t change but I’m not buying into that theory at all. I am on a mission to continuously mold and form into the person I am meant to be. I will never be perfect and I don’t even believe perfection exists. At least not in the human form. So how am I different than the person who sat in this chair blogging a year ago today? I am no longer s fighter or a warrior for any cause. I cannot save the world and I have decided Instead to save myself and be an inspiration for the few people who are within my reach. I have decided to settle in and let life fall the way it will. I am now a lover and promoter of peace and I realize if I make the decision to fight for something than I am choosing battle and passing up what’s most important in my life right now that is unquestionably peace. 

As my kids enter school this year they will face very different challenges as a senior and a freshman. As a parent, I will confront a whole new set of challenges as well but I will not give any of it an ounce of thought. I  will not be a prisoner to worry and I am committed to taking life a single day at a time and trusting that the experience I already have and the faith I have in my own ability to figure things out will get through whatever is placed directly in my path. I have a new sense of confidence and every single day I will look in the mirror and repeat these words:

You’ve got this. No need to be afraid.


4 thoughts on “Can People Change?

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    I applaud you for this fantastic change you’re going to be undertaking.

    Though it’s not exactly related, my mom didn’t believe in the phrase “Pick your battles” and the wife believes in it 100% and said “no wonder why your mom was depressed”. I wonder if they both have it wrong. What do you think? I’d be interested in exploring this with you if you’d like.


    • I believe when I picked every battle I was completely depressed. For me, relief, healing and happiness means walking away from every battle that is avoidable. I think what’s right is different for all of us. Please hold me accountable 🙂


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I think that people can evolve but not “change” per say. I feel that people don’t change per say unless there is some sort of traumatic life event. Maybe it is just more wording or how I perceive things as opposed to a actual difference of opinion.


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