I’m So Offended!


Seriously, when did this become our new national anthem? Can anyone say anything anymore without saying, doing or posting something to offend someone? Have we really become so overly sensitive that writing Trump on a college sidewalk drives our students straight to a therapist? I was reminded today of a very special aunt who was a large part of raising me. She used to say something back then that I didn’t understand at the time but I sure do appreciate now. Whenever we became upset or angry she would tell us to “scratch our mad spot”. Little did she know that we would end up living in a time where everyone was angry and offended all the time. Her lesson was simple. Move on. Get over it. Grow up. I miss her so much these days. We need more people like her.


10 thoughts on “I’m So Offended!

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I 100% agree with you. Too many people feel they are “entitled” to their beliefs and opinions but immediately are offended when someone expresses their own. People tend to forget that with freedom also comes responsibility.

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  2. cherylfoston

    Great post and what a great Auntie! I totally agree. I especially agree with what “Just Plain Ol’Vic” stated. He was just plain ol’ right! Thanks, for sharing.

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