How Do You Use Your Voice?


I’ve been seeing all these opinions and comments flying around about politicians, Olympic athletes, fellow human beings. You name it. Someone has an opinion about everything. What saddens me is how easy it seems to stick a label on someone. One current trend now is how a particular athlete is an embarrassment to America. Really? Do we have to define him by one mistake, one bad choice, one moment in a very long life? We have to stop mixing up the notion of bad behavior equaling bad person. The two are separate and let’s face it, do any of us know a single person who has not done something to embarrass himself or made a mistake that sets him apart from the rest of the superior crowd? Is the embarrassment and humiliation not enough punishment that we really need to go painting our opinion of a person based on a single event all over social media. Ask yourself this? Are you the kind of person who slings mud, tears others down, publicly ridicules someone for making a mistake anyone of us might have made or are you the kind of person that uses your words and your posts to build people up? Share compassion and praise. Leave the rest to the professional critics. There are too many of them already. Be bigger than the smallness around you. Use your voice to raise the vibration and lift others up. That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes. 

Don’t look down on somebody unless you are helping them up.

Jesse Jackson


7 thoughts on “How Do You Use Your Voice?

  1. If you want change, turn off the TV, the internet, and throw all your “devices” away. That’ll stop a good portion if not all of what irks you. We will go back to word of mouth and what’s going on with our neighbors. We’ll rely on horse-drawn carriages and what grows within reach. ‘Wouldn’t be the worst idea.

    And, yet, if we ended up anything like the “ancient” Romans, we might be sitting around a coliseum doing the same thing, just in person rather than behind a glowing screen. Those gladiator mobs could get ugly.

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