I  am overly ecstatic this morning. It’s no surprise I have had a horrible experience with middle school but last night I went to meet my sons teachers at the high school. The two schools could not have been more different. The first teacher expressed that she is not a fan of busy work or homework. The geometry teacher said there would be 5 problems of homework a night compared to 25-30 a night last year in algebra. If you follow my blog you know that my son, along with myself, would sit at the kitchen table doing work from the time he got home to the time he went to bed. It sounds like this year we may just find the balance we’ve been looking for all along. I am beyond excited for this new year to get going and I am ready to put the past few years out of my mind forever finally move forward. It is really all about balance and when everyone is on that page and you can rest comfortably in that sweet spot, life can be really wonderful. 

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