I’m a Bad Mom Too


I went to see Bad Moms this afternoon. I started thinking about the facade some work so hard to put on to impress the people in their lives. I cannot recall the exact day that I admitted to myself I was not perfect and allowed that to be okay. I gave myself permission to just be me and own it all. I have good qualities, bad qualities, strengths and weaknesses, I make mistakes and I don’t try and cover them up. Often times I use those mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. I forgive myself for my bad days, inadequacy and continue to do the best I can. The amount of freedom I experienced once I started to admit and bring attention to my own flaws allowed me to find a new sense of calm and confidence that I believe to be unshakable. There is no such thing as perfection and at the end of the day, who really cares about what anyone else thinks? When I stopped explaining myself and started owning who I was I found a happiness that I never knew existed. I live for me and by my own standards and I don’t ever try and measure who I am by someone else’s opinion of me. Do I care what other people think? Of course I do but at the same time I am not defined by anyone else. Truth is, sometimes I feel like a bad wife, a crappy daughter and probably the worst mother in the world but guess what? There are times I feel pretty fantastic too so I must forgive the bad days and look ahead to new days. Tomorrow always offers another chance to get it right so I will keep on trying.


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