Can The World Even Recognize a Hero Anymore?


I watched as the news media proclaimed Hillary Clinton a hero. The spin was something out of a Disney fairytale. A woman at that age who can keep up with that kind of schedule even with pneumonia shows she is in a category with Wonder Woman herself. Before you get your nose up in the air, this post is not about Hillary Clinton. In fact it is about ordinary people and how we perceive them.

I’m not sure when we started to accept the mindset that we should work until we collapse. I don’t know when that kind of behavior became glorified but the stories I lived and learned about women who were my heroes look much different than the ones woman are identifying with today. Through the years I recognized my importance in the roll of my family and keeping it connected and running smoothly. As a woman, I recognize that I am the battery that makes the clock tick and without me that clock would at the very least slow down and get off track and maybe even stop functioning altogether. I realized several years ago that the only way to do my job and do it well was by taking care of myself first. As a young mom with a husband who traveled and absolutely no family around to help, I realized that if I didn’t care for myself first,  I would be in no position to care for anyone else. I couldn’t push myself to utter collapse because who would take care of my babies and keep them safe? I had to learn that my biggest strength would come by recognizing my limitations and admitting when it was time to step back for a moment and take a break. It’s necessary to know your mind and body well enough to nurture it when it needs nurturing and to push it when it needs motivation. But to not have the comman sense or instinct to know when to say when is alarming not only for oneself but for everyone around you. So what does a hero really look like? A woman who pushes herself until she literally collapses or one who knows when to take care of herself? Who is better suited to run the world, her household, her business? I guess we all have to decide for ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Can The World Even Recognize a Hero Anymore?

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    wow, what a great post. I have missed your blog and I’m sure you’ve been quite busy with school starting back up again.

    You make some credible points about people taking care of themselves and I wholeheartedly agree with you.

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    • Thank you for saying so. I’m actually not busy just taking time to be in the moment. School is going great and I am at peace. It feels fantastic. I think it’s easier to write when I am stressed and depressed. It was great to hear from you❤️


  2. I was fortunate to marry a woman with the qualities you write about and indeed she was not only my ‘hero’ but one I tried in vain to emulate. To me a true hero is one that is self-sacrificing without looking to see that everyone notices…

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