Whenever You Feel Alone


When your world feels small I will be here to remind you it is bigger than your eyes allow you to see.

I cannot right someone else’s wrong but I can restore your hope in choosing to be an example of what is right.

I cannot hug away your troubles but I can let you know I am here for you with open arms.

I cannot walk in your shoes or take away your pain but I can walk beside you so you never feel alone.

I cannot chase away your fears but I will be a pillar of confidence on your darkest days.

I cannot erase words that have harmed you but I will shower you with words that make you feel loved.

I cannot make the rainy days go away but I can always offer you shelter from the storm. 

When you are afraid to speak, I will be your voice.

When others doubt you and when you lose faith in yourself, I will believe in you without fail.

When others place conditions, I will love you for the person you are and remind you that whenever you are with me, you are safe.

When you think there is no way out, I will be there to show you the way.

When you are drowning in condemnation, I will offer you unconditional acceptance.

When the world leaves you feeling all alone, know that I am only a phone call away.

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