Clean Up Your Endless Mess


I walked into the laundry room earlier and the reality of what I saw slapped me right across the face and I’m still feeling the sting moments later. Two things jumped out at me. The drawer where I keep the sorted socks was left partially open and the cabinet where we store dog treats was left partially open as well. In fact, when I went in the kitchen this morning, the first thing I noticed was a cabinet door not completely closed. That’s what we do. Leave loose ends behind us everywhere we go.

As I watched the news this morning, the parallel was more than alarming. We don’t pay attention to how we leave things anymore. We dig in and get our hands full up dirty and then we leave an irresponsible mess behind us when we leave. I look at relationships that have been destroyed by messy words left behind or moments or anger where we throw someone who loves us away in the garbage and we can’t even do that right because they are left floating on the rim, casually hanging over the top. We can’t get onto the future because we are messing things up so carelessly as we go that we never finish cleaning up the mess we leave behind us. We cling and grip to the past and the mess instead of releasing that crap and moving toward the future and a cleaner, safer, better place. Look at the nonsense on the birther issue today. Let’s focus on the garbage of the past so the American people get stuck there and lose their focus on the future. Everyone needs to smarten up and be accountable from the news media to the people and each and everyone of us in our own personal relationships and circumstances. We have got to start expecting more from ourselves and stop using the past as a crutch to stay a total mess. It’s like we’ve grown into preschoolers instead of adults. Just look at the spin on the news and the acting out daily of the people in our personal lives. Often times I clench my fists and the voice in my head is screaming and pleading “grow the hell up,” 

I just needed to dump those thoughts out of my head so I could move past it to a better place. I will now purposely stick the song “Let It Go” in place of the voice as a reminder there are so many things I will never have the power to change. When we spin things on the news and spin our own thoughts and circumstances to play to a narrative that we want to believe, all we end up with is a wrinkled mess. And personally, I avoid that at all costs because if there’s one thing I know without a doubt it’s that I hate to iron.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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