Get One Today!


I don’t normally review products but this one has me so excited, I can’t resist.

Yesterday we went to the fair. Instead of eating everything in sight, we actually were buying everything in sight. Pillows, blankets and then I see my husband paying for WHAT? A mop. Why in the world was he buying something that would never be used by him? Is that what I was becoming after 18 years of marriage, a maid? A floor mopper? Really, I was disgusted. I’ll never touch that thing I told him as he paid his forty dollars and then it happened! This morning, just for kicks, I decided to test this ridiculous Easy Mop out. See, for me,  if a mop was easy, it would do the floor itself but this thing was what? Okay, so the mop was made of microfibers that could be put in the washing machine. So what if it didn’t use any chemicals, just water and could even clean base boards and my stainless steel, glass and mirrors. So what if it’s 360 degree pumping action would dry it to the point that water wouldn’t be dripping all over. A mop is still a mop and I didn’t want any part of it. The more I used it the more excited I got. I almost squealed out loud when I was able to run it over my banister and molding and get those hard to reach places I almost never ever tried to get. This thing was so fantastic that even my son had to take a turn and try it out. Here’s a picture for you non-believers! Don’t ever tell him he was holding it the wrong way. At least he tried.THIS Easy MOP MAY BE THE BEST THING SINCE BANANA CREAM YOGURT AND I LOVE BANANA CREAM YOGURT! Seriously, if you don’t own one of these little beauties, go out and get yourself one. In fact, get one for everyone you know. I promise they will thank you for it. You’re welcome!


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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