When It’s Time To Change


When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.

 Viktor E. Frankl

I believe many of us waste precious hours, months and years trying to change something we have little or no control over. We fight until we have no fight left, until every ounce of hope has drained from our tired bodies. We collapse into the realization that we can no longer survive in a state that offers us nothing but anxiety and pain. We accept the inevitable and find a new sense of perspective that frees us from the prison that we built for ourselves and eventually gain the courage to take that first step outside of our fabricated cell. It’s tempting to just crawl back into the place that offers us a sense of familiarity. But when we finally make the decision to live again, we walk out that door and never look back. Change is hard but staying in a situation that is a living hell is the only thing harder. We do have a choice and we have to take a deep breath and trust our wings enough to leave that nest. Yes, when we cannot change the situation we are only left with two choices, stay in it or change the only thing we have any control over, ourselves.


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