How Do You Communicate?


I read a great article today that really made me think about the way I communicate. The greatest, most precious gift you can give someone is your time and attention and I know with all the distractions and incessant thinking I do, I may be looking at the person talking to me but my attention is undoubtedly somewhere else. During the few opportunities I am able to focus and my thoughts aren’t running wild, just like the article pointed out, I am focused on the words I will react with more than I am just active listening. The other thing I found interesting is the benefit to just allowing silence to be part of conversations and relationships. I know for myself, silence is sometimes pretty awkward and I am going to really try and find some peace in that quiet place. So I will focus my attention on my conversations and hopefully find a way to naturally be a better active, focused listener. What do you think? What kind of listener are you and how does silence in conversations make you feel?

2 thoughts on “How Do You Communicate?

  1. Listening is a huge component in my job so I work to be a better active listener and I think it helps out in my personal life too. I struggle with accepting silence…I tend to want to break the silence but sometimes silence is what’s best for the situation.

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