We The People


Do you have the courage to be who you say you are? It’s so easy to point out someone who is acting like a hypocrite. It’s becoming almost second nature to point a finger at someone and force them to be accountable. The question is, do we hold ourselves to that same serious standard? Do we walk around preaching like we are one way and behind closed doors act like someone else?

I know I’m my own life, I have this clear vision of who I want to be. I try every day to get to that destination where the expectation of myself becomes one with the reality of who I am. I do not pretend to be perfect or have all the answers but I do know who and what I have to be to do my part. 

The bottom line is simple. I cannot continue to blog about being a decent human being if I am not going to make the necessary changes to become one myself. I have to stop making excuses for bad behavior and say no more while at the same time actively replacing them with different, healthier ones. Let’s stop calling everyone else out and work on improving ourselves. We won’t have time to fact check our Facebook friends and neighbors if we are occupied with fact checking ourselves. It’s time for a change but the question you have to ask yourself is will you be the change or one of the same? Notice how many times you speak or think about someone else doing something you don’t like. Pay attention how preoccupied you are with having opinions about everyone else when you you should be focused on the work you need to do on yourself. Imagine if you spent as much time building others up and pointing out their strengths how natural that would  become when applying it to yourself. Let’s make an effort to practice using our positive voice and create the change we so desperately need to see in this world. We the people need to be better people. Are you with me? 


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