Some People Are Just Ugly


Why in the world do I even jump in on a political conversation? In fact, I am questioning why I socialize with anyone during this drawn out and extremely damaging election season at all. One thing is certain. Hillary supporters are equally as ugly as Trump supporters. I am watching from afar many people I know turning into internet policemen. As soon as you type a single statement, the fact checkers come out of the darkness to respond FALSE! WRONG! UNTRUE! It’s sickening really because who are these fact checkers anyway? Are we not capable as a human race to decide for ourselves what is true and what is not. The absolute audacity of someone who believes they are so much smarter than everyone else. It’s insulting, condescending and unnecessary. Then you have the attack dogs, ready and willing to jump on anyone walking by wearing the opposing candidates t-shirt .I am seriously fed up. I’d really like to give these people a piece of my mind and ring a giant gong that would bounce them off of social media forever for causing riots and disturbing the peace. Instead, I will vent to my lovely fellow bloggers who offer nothing more than respect and support. I feel so much better already. Thanks for letting me vent. Oh and don’t be ugly! We have enough of that already.


9 thoughts on “Some People Are Just Ugly

  1. The fanaticism of Democrats and Republicans is exactly why I’m casting my vote for Gary Johnson. I’ve had enough of the extremists on both sides, enough lies and corruption and mudslinging while Clinton and Trump act like school children and avoid talking about real solutions to the problems we face as a nation. I’m casting a vote for civility and common sense!

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  2. the-reluctant-parent

    Kim, I totally agree with you. This election year has brought out the most ravenous of our collective character as a society and I hold the mainstream media just as responsible as the candidates themselves because they feed off of each other and it’s a contest to see who can be the most deplorable and win the race to the bottom. I will be happy when this election is over. I have even considered deleting my Facebook account from time to time but since I try to promote my music there, I haven’t just yet. I really wonder, now that I think about it, how much traffic am I getting as a result of Facebook. I wish there were a way for me to determine that for sure because if it’s very little, I may just go ahead and erase as much of my presence as I can from that horrid social media site.

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    • I am in total agreement with you. The media is a disgrace and we are being destroyed by all this nonsense. I can’t help but wonder though, have we crossed a line with each other that will never be repaired and how can we continue to thrive if our checks and balances are crossing lines they were never meant to cross?


  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    Politics…religion…race. All these topics bring out the worst in people for some reason. I try to avoid talking about all those topics and refuse to be dragged into an argument.

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  4. One thing is certain, unless you want to get into heated debates, politics is something that can only be discussed with those who are on the same page as you. It would be nice though if we could all have mature discussions and hear one another out. We all want a certain person to win, or rather, we all have our idea of who is the less of two evils. Unfortunately though, in my opinion, no one is going to win in this election. We, the American people, will lose either way.

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