F Everything. Welcome to the Divided States of Famerica!


I am starting to fear that this is the movement going on in America. Just turn on your tv and you will see people holding signs that read F Trump. Listen up and you will hear voices joining together to scream their message across the land. F police, f elections, f rules, f the law. F you and you and you and everyone else who doesn’t want the same things I believe and share my same vision for the world. F republicans, f democrats, f the constitution, f her, f him, and f bigots. Do people even understand what that word really means? Im doubtful because wouldn’t they see the hypocrisy if they really did? F everything America stands for if we don’t get our way. Even Hollywood and the music industry is raising this message even higher. Where are the leaders and the role models who have been blessed with talents and opportunities to lead the people with some class? Is this the kind of leadership we need? Audacious people who go into Trump Tower and ask the President Elect to step down before he’s even sworn in? Who do people think they are these days? Has respect become a thing of the past? How about self respect? Do people feel no shame getting caught on video beating a veteran to his death, a mother who throws out her 7 year old son for supporting Trump? A class full of students who chant build that wall to humiliate another student? Do we blame these kids? They look up to us and what are we showing them? Who is instilling their fear? We are because we are selfish. Since when did we start treating little kids like they were adults?What will I tell my children? Tell them nothing right now they are children!  Maybe they should be the adults because I swear they act better than we do. They are open and kind and see the world through eyes of hope. What right do we have to rip that away? This is not their battle. It is ours. The adults. The teachers. The parents. Sigh! They are watching protestors hold signs that read RAPE MELANIA. They are listening to the news disrespect and demean our presidential candidates. They are hearing people are hateful, racist, xenophobic, sexist. KEEP putting those things out there long enough and eventually we will all believe it. Is it out there? Sure. People are always going to think they are better than someone else. We can’t make every drop of hate disappear but the majority of us are loving, kind human beings who are trying to get through everyday of our own lives. They are spinning the truth to make people seriously believe that there is a large majority of haters in this world. They spread the message that we hate foreigners. We hate gays and immigrants and we are trying to wipe these factions out of America. The truth is, a fact is that coming here illegally is against the law. Many of us want the laws followed. We believe they are there for our own protection  but when rules and laws can be broken without consequence and we become okay with that, we end up with people rioting and violence and destruction and we blame who? The people who respect and encourage law. I just don’t get it. The people I know care about people period. They don’t slap labels on them. They are just human beings trying to survive in a world where leaders have been purposely ripping us apart. It’s time to be honest and ask, what am I doing to contribute to this problem? This is not about the collective good of America, this is a pure selfish arrogance driven by energy that is destroying the United States. If my mother heard me say the words FU or hold a sign implying the same, I would shudder to think of the shame that would follow the first time she stood in front of me and looked into my eyes. She would always say, tell me your company and I will tell you who you are. Or this good one, if your friends jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you thoughtlessly follow? People need to smarten up. They need to get real and honest and humble and take some time to breathe until we all can heal. We will figure this out but saying f you is not the answer. I don’t know what is. That is a clear way of saying I have no respect for whatever they are f’ing against. I am only one person but I am desperately trying to figure out a way to help. My fear is that when you read about this time period in the history books, we will be known as Famerica because America will be no more.


8 thoughts on “F Everything. Welcome to the Divided States of Famerica!

  1. Whoa, that is one scary big block of thought. I can hear the Sprach Zarathrustra playing as the black obelisk appears before the cavemen. [Sesame Street. IT! Anyone remember that?]

    I would say all the F noise is a rising cry for friendship over leadership. [If everyone is angrily asking things to go their way and angry with current leadership, maybe we ought to be playing Limp Bizkit’s “My Way (or the Highway).”]

    People aren’t looking for role models. They’re looking for teammates. BECAUSE squabbling leadership has been unsatisfactory and minds have been lulled into an internet “I’ll get back to you, later” state, the US, at least, is behaving more like teenagers rebelling against the “adults.” Mom and Dad are fighting, again. We’re not going to take sides. So, we tune out and eventually absorb the hostility til we huff, “Screw this; I’m outta here.”

    When there’s no good role model or leader around (at least, no one we care to trust that much), we look around for who’s either going to look after us (step up to be a good leader) or for someone who’s going to work with us on our level. At my previous job, when the bosses weren’t around or failing to get something done, I’d be looking at my coworkers, trying to find a good partner to take up the task with me.

    Kids have almost become equal to adults because current times/trends are either favoring the “next generation” at an increasing rate or because technology has been made available to the increasingly young that was not available to our/older generation(s). When I was a kid, I had to ask permission to use a phone. My nephews, who are not even 6 years old, can get a phone any time they want to look at YouTube or even call their parents. Kids are being handed the keys to the world’s car.

    Is this the sad state of the world? No good news, just quotes?

    Like politics, I’m inclined to tune out if all I hear are criminal situations I cannot stop but which are apparently being revealed to keep me in check. Fear and tragedy prodding. That is, unless I’m being prodded to don some spandex costume and pose as a superhero.

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    • We could use a few superheroes? I see a bad attitude problem and people who cannot handle when life doesn’t go there way. Life has never gone the way I have planned but I don’t run around with my middle finger up yelling f the world. It’s a sad state but hopefully this too shall pass.


      • If superheroes start appearing, so will super villains, I suspect. [Some would say the villains are already out there beyond the eyes of the media and the common passerby.]

        Don’t we all have either a reason or make excuses to sulk when life doesn’t go our way? When the “rules” or one person’s interpretation of those rules get(s) in our way? Isn’t a bodily ache/pain a similar conflict of internal parts? One part of the body wants to take an action that another part is not ready to accept. The parts are not on the same page and in no mindset to reach a compromise.

        With some bodily aches, we need to massage the afflicted area. How might we massage a difference of opinion or anti-teamwork mindset?

        Life has NEVER gone your way? [What might that say about you/your perspective?]

        And, if you haven’t run around with your middle finger up, maybe you just haven’t gotten angry enough. [At least it wasn’t up your nose. :)]

        I hope those with their fingers in the air get bright ideas and put those fingers to good use. [Not destructive use.]

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      • Interesting words as usual 😉 Life hasn’t gone the way I planned. That’s okay though. Sometimes my plans aren’t very good ones. I will try and keep my fingers out of my nose silly. Thanks for the laugh!


      • You should watch an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball called The Choice or Choices. I just caught it today. It’s about the mom of the Watterson family questioning where her life is going by reviewing her past including some what-if scenarios had she married someone else.

        You got something coming out of your left nostril. 🙂

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