The Sky is NOT Falling


I do believe we don’t have to look very hard to find something we need to work on. The last few days have taught me that no matter how we respond to something, the end result will remain the same. I used to freak out over things and I guess I probably still do but I am desperately trying to get better at staying calm.  Every night I calmly remind myself that even though the sky may appear to be falling, it is really safely in place. I am actively focusing on not making things a bigger deal than they need to be. Last week, my dryer broke. Not the best timing right before a holiday but what could I do? A few days later my car broke down and needed a new battery. That same day we bought a computer that resulted in making forty minute trips to and from the store for three consecutive days to find out our brand new computer was oddly broken. I could have been crazy but I quietly repeated to myself, the sky is not falling. Sometimes we have to wade our way through some temporary setbacks until eventually life gets back to being as normal as possible. It can be exhausting waiting for the normal to roll back around but fighting against what is will not benefit anyone. Why spend precious time having a bad attitude when the only thing that will do is make everyone around us miserable. One thing is certain, we can work on having a healthy reaction to the unpredictable curves thrown in our direction or we can let ourselves be overcome with crazy. The choice seems simple. 


2 thoughts on “The Sky is NOT Falling

  1. koolaidmoms

    Going through something similar and trying to also keep it in perspective. Sink fell in kitchen last week. $500 later at least I don’t have to carry water daily many miles for my family. Yesterday came downstairs to no heat in our house. In Michigan that is not good. Fixed today and the weather outside stayed warm enough that we had a big sleepover in our room near the fireplace. Fun. Friday my refrigerator and freezer will get fixed. I am fortunate to have these appliances and food to fill them when many don’t. I am lucky.

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