When A Comment Turns Into A Debate


I have to say I’m a little bit disheartened today. Earlier I saw a post and innocently left my opinion in the comment box. I had no idea that my intention to say hi, I’m here to a blogger I hadn’t chatted with in awhile would turn into a political ambush. I’ve experienced this on Facebook but for the most part, my experience in the blogging world has been a positive one. I honestly feel it is one of the few places that someone isn’t waiting to attack or berate me for having an opinion. Today was not the case. It saddens me that we feel the need to do one of two things when someone’s opinion differs from our own. First, we either demand they explain themselves to prove they are not the idiot we think they must be or we demean and insult them with big, fancy words until the rest of the squad comes in to finish the job. Why can’t we simply accept that we think differently than other people? Why do we feel the need to make assumptions and characterize who someone is based on a simple sentence? 

I simply will not engage in this anymore. I will not allow people’s anger, hatred or negativity into my thoughts or soul. I wrote a post recently titled KEEP OUT. It is a mantra and a visualization I do to protect my own mind and heart. Today I will repeat there words. Hatred. KEEP OUT. Anger. KEEP OUT. Confrontations. KEEP OUT. Today I will practice ahimsa. Do no harm. That means no harm to myself or others through my words, thoughts or actions. Yes today I will move on. Will you practice with me?


13 thoughts on “When A Comment Turns Into A Debate

  1. Something similar happened to me and a response I had to a post which triggered a tirade of anger and accusations. It always amazes me how differently a reader can interpret a writer’s words, or how someone with a bee in their bonnet just wants to instigate unrest and disharmony. We are all entitled to our opinions. I find that if mine differ greatly to what I’m reading, I say nothing. Hoeer, I have my blogging Soap Box which I still use from time to time. Worry not. Move on, and smile with grace.

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  2. I had this happen to me for saying something about how I went to church on a Sunday and I was attacked by someone assuming I was someone who had been a dumb, ignorant Christian all my life. It was disheartening and actually had me turn off the wordpress for a bit, because like you, I had never had such a negative experience.

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  3. One of my favorite things about the blogging world is being able to gain and share new and different perspectives, and the ability to have calm dialogue/debate when different opinions arise. We can debate with maturity or we can argue with hate and offense. I choose not to argue, but debates are important for seeing views we may not have considered otherwise. Unfortunately, some people aren’t calm-minded enough for debate and choose to argue instead. What’s worse is that many of them find a sick form of enjoyment by doing so.

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