Today I will not get angry, frustrated or stressed about the things I have no control over. I will find the humor in the most challenging situations, even this one. There are many things I can live with that my mind tells me I can’t. The sky is not falling. The cat in the tree is not the end of the world and this picture will give me something to laugh about one day. Maybe today will be the day. Thank you cat for putting things in perspective for me. Everyone is a lesson. Every experience is a chance to react in a new way.


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Kimberly, That WAS very funny giving a “cat up a tree” new meaning!!!!!!!!! Your words brought to mind “The Serenity Prayer,” knowing the things I can change & the things I cannot. –But someone very recently told me on Facebook that we must be vigilant of our democratic America & even be willing to work to change things we feel we normally can’t…..We must preserve our basic democratic values & rules even if it means to join Bernie Sander’s political revolution. Merry Christmas!!! Phil

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