It Does Pass


Just as I imagined, what seemed like the tragic end of the world yesterday is no big deal today.

  This too shall pass. 

These are the words I repeat to myself as a reminder that the present moment will be gone a flash. Sometimes you have to just breathe and remember that life is a constant spiral of change. Even when you want it to stay the same, like it or not, that won’t be the case. Be willing to let go of what you cannot change or it will take control. The more focus you put on it, the bigger it will become until it nearly panics you to death. Relax. Be grateful when everything is going great and hang on while your world seems to be crumbling. It’s not, it just feels that way and we trick ourselves into believing something that just isn’t true. Tomorrow will not be like today and we cannot be sure today will be anything like tomorrow. Take comfort in knowing that change will carry you to a new place. Embrace it, look forward to it and don’t be afraid. Whatever is bothering you right now will seem insignificant in a short period of time. Calm down and breathe. 

This too shall pass.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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