Just Do It!


As the excitement of a new year slowly fades away and the reality of school and work take back over, its easy to forget the promises we made to ourselves as we watched the ball drop a few days ago. With each new year holds great promise for a fresh start and something new. We are energized with the thought of changing who we are and how we live as we dream about the days that lie ahead. Then we wake up and we step right back into a familiar role where the thought of following through is too exhausting to imagine. What separates the life we have from the life we dream of having? Why can’t we carry that energy and enthusiasm into changing old habits and replacing them with something new?

Yesterday I had a conversation with my husband.Tuesday is discount night at the local movie theatre and I suggested to committing to movie date night twice a month. I love movies and it is the only true way I can escape the thoughts that continuously bombard my head leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety. When he sent me a text earlier with the movie times I was actually a little annoyed. What is wrong with him? It’s a week night and I’m tired and this is the first week back into the habitual swing of things. Then I remembered my promise to schedule events I look forward to. I become so overburdened by responsibilities that I forget finding a way to escape and have a good time is the best cure for just about anything. After reconsidering, I have decided we will carry through with movie night. The only way to get anything done is to actually do what I say I am going to do.Tonight is  Tueaday and I AM going to the movies and that’s final. It’s time to turn my intentions into reality. What could be more simple than saying I’m going to do something andsimply follow through?

What is one change you have committed to making this year?

3 thoughts on “Just Do It!

  1. koolaidmoms

    I use the word Determination to describe my goals. Taking the first steps towards whatever it is I want to do and finishing all the way through. No half done this year.

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