Find Your Tribe


What kind of people do you surround yourself with? I had a conversation with someone today. I explained I was running into the gym for a quick 20 minute workout. Her response was, why bother? The truth is we have cheerleaders in our lives and we have judges. We have people who lift us up and people who rip us down. We have people who encourage us and others who discourage us. Make sure your people are balanced. It takes all types to keep sane but it is imperative to have someone who is 100% behind you. We need that one person who will cheer for us when we are too tired or discouraged to cheer for ourselves. That one person who says yes you can when we tell ourselves, there’s no way, I just can’t. What percentage of people in your life are supportive? What percentage of people cheer you on? Focus on finding more of them.

17 thoughts on “Find Your Tribe

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    that was a horrible thing to say because exercising for 20 minutes is better than not doing it at all and if you keep exercising for that long, and you know this I’m sure, but that 20 minutes will go to 25, 30, 35, 45, and up to an hour. Everyone has to start somewhere and I write this not just for you to encourage your progression but to remind myself that this applies to me as well.

    I need to start exercising myself, even if it’s starting by going up and down the stairs more than usual because I just find the spinning bike boring now and I need to find someone who will be my accountability partner.

    I don’t want to ask the wife, she has too much shit going on anyway.

    but high fives for making a change, that’s great news and I’m here if you need encouragement.

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    • I will be your accountability partner. Let’s do this thing! It’s easier for me to let myself down than it is someone else. I also agree that 20 minutes was a huge, positive step for me. I got there. I did it. That’s the hardest part!


  2. Over the past four months I have been surrounded by positive people with positive thoughts and positive attitudes. It has been important as negativity was the last thing I needed or wanted. Everything is working out now, and still my positive friends are there for me. I intend to be as equally positive for them should the occasion call for it.

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