We Are So Much Better Than This


So I watched the video of the teens in Chicago  torturing a special needs man. I have no words to describe what I felt as I watched the video play out. I was thinking, how in the world could someone be this cruel? To cut and hit and humiliate someone and at the same time have the audacity and fearlessness to post it as a live feed? As a mother of teens myself, it bewilders me how anyone could find something like this funny. Why do people think they can behave any way they want and get away with it? Do they really lack the brain cells to realize the seriousness of a situation like this one? All I can say is if I was the parent of one of these kids, I would send them away to those special schools that strip kids from every single thing and make them earn it back.  A school that teaches humility and discipline, integrity and consequences. I am truly ashamed of the way people behave today. The hostility and lack of compassion in some people’s words and actions are enough to make my heart feel sick. Such cruelty in these times we are living in. When did people become so cold and mean? Not my world, not my people. We are so much better than this.

29 thoughts on “We Are So Much Better Than This

  1. I agree with your stand. It’s really saddening to watch such situations unfold and to feel a sense of helplessness.. All we can hope for is that they will come to their senses, better sooner than later.

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  2. I’ve been watching this for 20 years in my profession including living with 50 other kids that were teenagers. The bottom line is it’s the parents responsibility to train them up in the way they should go. The world is not going to teach them the right thing the world Rewards anything that will get a camera’s attention. I was just talking to my son last night he was 22 and he was just telling me how when he went to high school you could tell by the behavior of the child who the parents are

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  3. Unfortunately, I think that social media has a lot to do with it. People these days are all trying to one-up one another with shock value. Not only can they now live out their evil temptations, but they can get glory for doing so. It’s sick. The media and society as a whole s should shower people with praises when they do good, and punish them and give them no attention when they do bad. Maybe then, people would seek out good attention, rather than evil.

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  4. koolaidmoms

    As a mom of a special needs teenager it broke my heart. I worry every day about his life and the future he will have in this country. He doesn’t understand people’s motives and thinks they are friends. The rise of social media for feeding people’s egos and feelings of power is scary.

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