Be a Lighthouse


I woke up this morning.

The end.

Some days I awaken to anxiety. I guess I bring it on myself when the first thing I do is check email and hop onto Facebook. The truth is this argumentative, in your face, haha, I’m making my point, posting is enough to make me never want to step foot out of bed again. This constant, I’m better than you or she’s better than him bickering and defending of total strangers is complete nonsense. There are so many adults acting like little children. One more tantrum, making another point, having the last word…it’s killing us all. Sometimes I think we would be better off if we couldn’t communicate or share so much of ourselves. We are sharing the WRONG parts of ourselves. That is the problem. And what worse? It gives us a sense of superiority. We enjoy fueling a fire that is destroying humanity to the very core. People don’t seem to know when enough is enough and though many cheer that behavior on, my insides scream please stop. No more. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is so wrong with people today. We are so busy being up in everyone else’s business that we forget to take care of our own. Just because we are entitled to our own opinion does not mean we need to shove it down everybody’s throats by insulting those we know already don’t agree because we’ve made the same point over a million times or arguing with someone to invalidate a point when their mind and their main people think exactly the same. Less talk, less opinion, less tension, less bullshit, less baiting tweets and posts and speeches and nonsense. More of what matters. Do we even know what that is anymore or is tearing the country, the world and the people apart exactly what matters most? Actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words but they are being drowned out by the nonsense clutter. Be accountable for who you are. Someone else is not your concern. You work on you. Speak less but say more. Be a lighthouse and not another boat lost out in a sea of muck. Be a role model and example that so many desperately need today. There are far too many of the outspoken, ruffle feathers kind. Time to start a new movement of behavior and it starts with you. Be bigger. Be better. Please, I need you to be.

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