Monday’s Challenge!


We are so quick to criticize or point out to someone something they did that was wrong but how often do we volunteer to tell someone they did something right? When is the last time you told someone how great they were? In all honesty, most of us are more apt to point out flaws. The closer we are to someone, the easier it gets to practice this art of making someone you love feel like crap. I am guilty of this and everytime I catch myself doing it, I hate myself a little more.

Tonight, I challenge you to find something to make each and every person in your house feel good about themselves. Point out something you admire about them. It’s time to start replacing bad habits with good ones and what could be better than building someone up you love. What do you say? Will you accept the challenge?

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Challenge!

  1. I definitely have this awful habit… especially with my husband. Sometimes I’ll say something without thinking and wished I’ve never said it at all. I try my best to always thank him when he does something for me or try to compliment instead of dig….. it’s hard because that’s the type of household I grew up in.. dig at each other until you succeed… not healthy at all.

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    • It’s a hard habit. I don’t know many who aren’t guilty. It’s just the way we seem to talk to each other anymore and it’s become so accepted. As much as I cringe when I do it, I can’t seem to stop it completely. At least I am aware of it though. I don’t think everyone is.

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