Who Wants My Ticket? I’m Done With This Show!


I am very disheartened by the news that so many performers are either backing out or simply afraid to perform at the inauguration. I don’t care who you voted for or how you feel about Donald Trump. This should be alarming for all of us. We call someone a bully and then in the next breath we stand together to bully anyone who stands in the way of how we think everything should be. The hypocrisy is so loud it is screaming for us to take notice. Our lives have started to take place in a circus tent where we have become the monkeys and we are putting on one hell of a show. When did it become so hard for people to be told no? We  will continue to bully and berate as we abuse the freedoms we were given to inflict our way. The truth is, there are more people than those like-minded few who we lock down in our inner circle. I don’t care what side your on or whether you lean this way or that. Last time I checked, the world was round and flat so there were no sides or tilt to one diresction or the other. The sides we speak of are of our own creation and the only reason we choose a side is to show that we are against the other. I don’t even want to talk about this anymore but is getting so out of control that it causes me so much distress. People against bullying bully. People who want to include everyone are dividing. Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy here? We the people are fed up. I know this person is. Why even bother to spread a good word and be a decent human being when the rug is being yanked out from underneath me? When will it stop? When you get your way? When I get mine? What about when our ways are different? Should we fight to the death? Destroy each other and our country one day at a time at the cost of winning the golden trophy? You can have it. I’m done. Not everyone wants a ticket to this ridiculous circus. I know I don’t.

6 thoughts on “Who Wants My Ticket? I’m Done With This Show!

  1. Kimberly, Better slow down….Your mind is on overdrive. Start with proof reading this piece for grammar & also typos. I will not enter into a dialogue here with all you say. You pretty much cover it all in the sense that one fears to speak & unintentionally engage you. My thoughts go back to your last piece in which you said something like, “There is no right & there is no wrong.” I’m still chewing on that one. I have not read all your pieces, but reading here am I hearing an underlying turmoil within you that is connected to, perhaps, your supporting Donald Trump for President. If so, forgive your mistake. We may all lose Social Security, Medicare, & the Affordable Care Act as a result of Trump’s presidency. They were the major social programs of FDR, LBJ, & President Obama respectively. But we are in this together as Americans & must work these & so many other issues out. If we do so fighting all the way, so what’s new? Take a read of a good American history book for starters. –All typos are intentional! HA! I’m 70! Phil

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    • Phil, my turmoil has nothing to do with a president and everything to do with the way people behave. It’s become so common, I don’t think people even recognize anything is wrong with it. I guess it depends on the kind of interactions one is used to. I admit, I prefer my yoga crowd who is soft spoken and inviting. There is a lot at stake for everyone and again, what is good for one may not work for another. Bullying and disrespect cannot be disguised underneath the terms freedom of speech. As for the typos, thanks for the reminder that my eyes are failing me and I do not have a computer as I write on my tiny phone. You are very kind to point them out. Hope you are doing well.

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      • Kimberly, Thanks for that….Helps me to understand better what you said….fills in the blanks. And as a retired teacher & principal, you can imagine my sentiments on bullying & disrespect. WRITING THIS ON YOUR iPHONE! Now that cannot be easy! But it adds to my point….Slow down & use your computer when you have time. I just finished a piece to post later in January perhaps. You will appreciate it. It’s called, “A Principal’s Stories, No. 1: A Snow Day” …..OK here….hanging in….second grandson due any time now! May things be good with you as well! Happy New Year! Phil


      • Lol Phil! I don’t have a computer. My iPhone serves that purpose. Some reading glasses are in my future though. Congratulations on the second grandson. How exciting! I look forward to reading that new piece of yours. Happy New Year!

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  2. drnjbmd

    It isn’t being a “bully” not to perform at an event that one doesn’t support. The man that I love is an actor/director and isn’t required to perform in any production that doesn’t meet his standards. I will not support by attendance or performance at anything that might be associated with this person or his administration. There is no honor or even goodness here and I won’t lend legitimacy to the process; nor will my friend. Call us names as this what this man does but we won’t be there and will be serving our fellow humans who need us on that day certainly not President-elect Tang! This is my freedom of choice that my father fought for.

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    • I didn’t know Americans could only perform as Americans when the president we want is in office. Should we stop going to work, not pay our taxes, not send out kids to school because we will not perform for an America we do not support? What if our military took that same stance? Can you even imagine our soldiers quitting and having no military because they don’t like who the President is? I don’t know when performers decided they could pick and choose who is worthy and who is not. What if they banned certain people from their movies and concerts because they differ in beliefs? I think people are missing the big point but to each his own. Like it or not, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States and if this disrespect is occurring now just wait and see how contagious and poisonous it will be. It’s a dangerous game and sorry when performers are receiving death threats because they agreed to perform at an inauguration, that is bullying. It’s not name calling, it’s describing a particular behavior that is occurring as we speak. Death threats? And yes. You may choose to use your freedoms as you see fit and freedom to think for ourselves means like it or not we have to respect one another’s differences.


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