Yes, Virginia, the  School System is Flawed


I could be way off but I really believe it takes more than one person to make or break something. I am seeing all this speaking out against Betsy Devos. I don’t know anyone personally who has had a worst experience than myself when it comes to the public school system. I can tell you from experience that if you have a child who has learning disabilities or simply difficulties, the school system is a total failure. I have lived in three states and experienced schools at the elementary, middle and now high school level. I think people forget where the funding comes from and who decides to what and where the money goes. I can also say with confidence that the entire system is broken. I don’t care who is in charge, the change has to happen on a large scale level and I haven’t found a school system yet that even cooperates with the way the system is set up. The schools I have been a part of actually receive funding to help kids like my son and even though he has a 504, they refuse to follow it. Last year I had a teacher refuse to supply him with notes even though it is an accommodation on his plan. When I spoke with the principal, he supported the teacher not to give notes because this man was so brilliant he taught from his head. By law, that school was required to supply those notes. When I asked for a textbook or something that would possibly help him, I was told they had no way of getting their hands on one. I volunteered to sit in a class during state testing and counted 34 old textbooks in the course I needed help with sitting on a shelf and not being used. They flat out lied to me in that meeting and had the resources there all along. They collect money everytime they pass go. I can tell you the money isn’t being used for  what it was meant for. I haven’t found one school who held any interest in doing anything to help him and they ignore and spit on his accommodations. So what does that have to do with DeVos? Do I think she or anyone else has the experience or knowledge to change the current problems in our education system? No I do not. But I do believe we need to gut the whole process and start completely over. It takes more than one person to raise, build or maintain a village. People need to wake up and admit the problems are much deeper than we pretend them to be. I don’t have any answers but I do agree the public school system is widely flawed.


10 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, the  School System is Flawed

  1. These stupid, non-relevant, sheep-like-adherence to standardized curriculum and testing, in my opinion, is the major problem. These kids are learning less than before, in direct opposition to what the original intent (I assume) was. As a parent to an Autistic child, I can promise that standardized testing is pointless for him. Sadly, most of the actual teaching he receives comes home, NOT the school.

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  2. I agree! I have had this talk with my friends that, even as a student, I see the how flawed the education system is. I helped with the disabilities education program once, and for the most part, I sat there with the students- doing nothing while the teachers talked… As for my day-to-day classes, I see the stress in my teachers as they cramp everything into a 60-day, 70-minute period. The problem, I believe, is that the people making our education decisions have not once stepped into our schools- or know the needs of the students.

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    • My son is on high school. I feel like instead of touching on chemistry like an introduction, they try to go deep into it as if it’s a college major only they don’t spend enough time on the teaching part and then test on application not knowledge. Every week another test, another failed grade. I have a bachelor of science and I took tons of chemistry but my freshman is learning more than I ever did. What is the point? I don’t think they teach for kids to learn anymore, they have to teach to these tests which is still not working. Also, these generic slides our teachers use as a replacement for notes do not give enough information. They are more like an outline and incomplete. Add no textbooks to that in my state and kids are doomed. I know so ways schools could be instantly improved and having a led who struggles has really opened up my eyes.


      • Thatś just awful. The worst part is that our teachers can see this, too- yet, noone is doing anything about it. It would just be better if school boards did not consist of strangers to schools. It´d be much, much better if the seats were filled with teachers who know the needs of their students. This way, they can decide what needs to be taught in their classrooms and which ways are best to test their knowledge. And, even worse, you know your son´s needs, and itś awful that his principal and teacher feel like they know what your child needs more than you do- his mother… It seems they make it easier on themselves rather than their students. And that is seriously messed up! My sister and I are applying for an online homeschooling program because of how messed up the school system is. Science is my best class- I do exceptionally well- but, the guidance counselors, who are responsible for our schedules, kept me in the regular class. Which is fine, but I am not being taught at my level. And, I see students just struggling with math classes, but our teachers always find a way to blame us students for getting poor grades. But, at some point they have to ask themselves if itś their teaching, you know. Hopefully you and your son can find what works best for him before he´s out of school. Education is an amazing thing and there should be no reason that he should be held back from it.

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