What is Truth?


All this talk about truth lately was been weighing heavily on my mind. Who do we believe anymore? Who can we trust? We see news reporters reporting on the same story yet the the stories contradict themselves. How can the same story be told so many different ways? Entirely opposite ways? In art, I could paint one image and manipulate your interpretation of it simply by changing the colors. The first painting could be covered in bright, beautiful colors and the second in drab, dreary ones.  I can purposely paint a happy, positive scene or a dark and negative one and that is most likely how you would interpret it. We are losing the truth, hidden somewhere behind the color. We are being tugged one way or another and it’s not doing anything to help our country heal and come together. Where is the truth? Would we even recognize it anymore because of the way we have been manipulated for so long? What a sad state when news reporting has become more like art and art has become more like truth. Just something to think about. Maybe truth IS a lost art. I just don’t know.

9 thoughts on “What is Truth?

  1. Well said. I love your metaphor of paintings. Since 9/11 I stopped watching the news and do not have tv for the past 3 years. So I depend on the internet IF I want to learn more on what is going on in the world. I have just recently started following 2 independent reporters. I think most people do not want to know the truth…it is not pretty what is going on the other side of the world. I can only read reports once every two days. I cannot imagine a CNN headlines at the bottom of the screen on North American televisions reporting some of this news. I find WordPress has helped me learn more truths chatting with bloggers but I still am quite ignorant. Your post really gives one food for thought!

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  2. Great post
    It seems everything we see and hear are false
    News – false
    People – false
    I do not watch or read the ‘news’ anymore for the same reason!
    Bless you – the only TRUTH any of us can be sure of is our own! 😉

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