Answer This Honestly


Have you ever considered that the people you are judging are not the problem but maybe it’s your perception of them that is the real problem? Sometimes we create a narrative in our head about someone or a group of people that we convince ourselves is the word of God. Do you think if you had a conversation with those people that they would agree with your analysis of who they are and what they actually believe compared to what you believe to be true about them? There is way too much assuming going on, generalizations that are destroying relationships and further dividing people into boxes they don’t come close to fitting into. I am actually surprised by the people actively engaging in this every single day. Are we so pompous to believe that we know what is in someone else’s heart and that we have the right to look down on them because our ego allows us to believe they are below us by our own selfish standards? It’s easy to twist some aspects of a situation to validate our own viewpoint. So I ask you to answer one, simple question:

Have you ever been wrong about someone?

Maybe the healing can start there. Maybe real growth begins with acknowledging the fact that maybe, just maybe it’s the way we see something that is what is really wrong. Are you brave and real enough to be honest? Looking forward to the comments.


7 thoughts on “Answer This Honestly

  1. Kimberly, Another masterwork!!! Do you ever “give it a rest” re your brain? Ha! The world will evolve as it will no matter what we say or do. Take for example global warmimg. The problem is not poor mother earth. She will be here no matter hot or cold, high water or low! It is we, the human race, which will perish! And the earth will still be here! Phil

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  2. Many times our first impressions of people are wrong and sadly often they are not given the opportunity to prove us wrong. I think it’s very important to understand a person, talk to them, learn who they are. Then and only then, do we have the right to form an opinion about them. Even then, we should be careful not to judge them because only then have they walked in their shoes. With that said however, although a person should not be judged, their actions can be to a certain degree. Some actions are simply atrocious, regardless of who you are or your background. I am grateful that my life leads me to have real conversations with people from many different backgrounds, beliefs and nationalities. We should have more than one window to the world.

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