Whatever Happens, Happens


Today is Monday. My mantra is whatever happens, happens. 

This morning didn’t go as planned. I had to unexpectedly drive my son to school and my husbands truck wouldn’t start again. I could’ve reacted with anger and frustration and displaced it onto everyone involved or I could simply not judge any of it repeating the mantra above. Whatever happens, happens. 

Regardless of how much I worry or how much I plan, I have absolutely no knowledge or control over what the day will bring. When I look around me, I see people completely freaking out over perceived threats. It is turning their lives around and completely disrupting their functioning in life. What a terrible way to spend the only time I have. I have to learn from their mistakes and simply learn to take life as it comes with the courage to rise above dreading what may or may not be. Fear is a terrible thing but it can cause us to do two different things, realize there is nothing to fear but fear itself or keep us shaking in a corner waiting for a ball to drop that isn’t even real. We all have to decide for ourselves. As for me, I’m going to take the “let’s just wait and see approach”. It won’t be easy but sometimes retraining the mind is a necessary thing.


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