You Are Wrong


There are days I get so angry that I don’t see in myself what I so readily see in others. I preach about building others up and at the same time I fail with my own child. How often do I tell him what he gets wrong? How often do I bring up a conversation about something that has resulted in his failure?  How many times can a kid hear, you are a screw up and you can’t do anything right? How many times can you beat a kid down before he just stops trying to get back up? How many times can you say your best is never good enough? Is this the only voice he ever hears? Could it be? Here is a perfect example in this email that I received yesterday from his teacher.

On Quiz #3 Chase didn’t include the reasoning and evidence part of the explanation. He touched on one of the three but did not explain why those results occurred due to molecular level interactions (which is the standard). On the second question he did a great job at explaining why water had a stronger surface tension than ethanol however that is not what the question asked; the question was about why ethanol had a weaker surface tension than water. 

 The result? A 45. Call me crazy but isn’t explaining why water has a stronger surface tension than ethanol the same as explaining why ethanol has weaker surface tension than water? 

Am I like this teacher too rigid and closed off to see his right in this so called wrong? Am I more focused on proving myself right than allowing him the opportunity to be right?

So many questions. So much guilt. So much struggle with trying to be a decent parent. Maybe I am too hard. Maybe the teacher is too hard. Maybe the world is becoming hard. Maybe parenting is too hard. 

Lord, help me to remember how important my voice is and to use that voice to make my child feel good about himself. Help me see more opportunities to commend him and hold my tongue when I have the urge to criticize. Please help me make him feel more like an A instead of a failing grade. Take my hand and guide me in raising this child and elevating his self esteem. I know I cannot do this alone.


4 thoughts on “You Are Wrong

  1. I think about this often too. My son has low self confidence, so I’m always trying to find the good in everything he does and praise him for it. Mainly I focus on praising him more than criticizing him. Needless to say, there are some days I fail. You’re right though – we can’t do this alone. Whether it be God helping us and/or others also lifting our children up. They need to hear praise from every corner, not just from ‘mom’.

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    • Yes it is a constant battle and I feel like I lose every single time. Playing bad cop sometimes takes over from being encouraging Mom. I have to do better. Someone has to say good job. Someone has to say you are good enough.


      • What is wonderful though, is that you realize this and are able to see it. Too often people, myself included, cannot (or refuse) to see our own mistakes and what needs to be changes. Sometimes we’re so busy trying to fix others, that we forget who we really need to be fixing – the person in the mirror.

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      • Thank you for that little bit of hope. I am constantly trying to fix myself. Sometimes though I really think I need to give myself a little break. One of my mantras is you can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge. Thanks for showing me a little bit of light❤️

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