There is a Solution For EVERY Problem


Today’s mantra:

There is a solution for every problem.

In a world where people create problems where there are none, it’s necessary to stay centered and focused. Dwelling on problems, real or imagined, can rob you of your sanity. I become obsessed and overwhelmed until I dig  myself a hole that is so deep, I feel like I will never crawl out. The more the dirt fills my lungs, the more I panic. We the people are in panic mode. Look around you. Media thrives on doom and gloom and the latest headlines are often of dread and despair. Don’t have a problem? I’ll create one for you. That is the mentality that is corroding our thinking on a daily basis. Yes, there are problems but in the ebb and flow of life, there are also solutions. You are not stuck. When the outcome looks dim, look for the solution that will be your light. Don’t believe anything but this, there is no problem big or small that doesn’t have a solution. Take a deep breath and find it. I promise it’s out there.


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