Practice Gratitude


Today I am trying to focus on the good things I often take for granted. I cheered as I approached a green light on the way to dropping off my son at school this morning. I could get aggravated that 8 were red or I could celebrate that one was green. It all comes down to refocusing the mind to shed things in a positive light. It doesn’t happen over night and it certainly doesn’t happen without practice and consistent effort. Notice one thing to be grateful for that you may have missed every other day and don’t forget to come back and leave a comment to let us know what it is. Have a great day today!


2 thoughts on “Practice Gratitude

  1. Kimberly, This gets to sound like talk for someone’s therapist or psychiatrist; one could look upon 8 red lights as a chance to pause, slow up, & contemplate. Turn that green like to red & you have 9 respites!!! Ha! Kimberly, things are all in the way we look upon them at a given moment. It’s those sustaining thoughts & perspectives that impact our lives, right???!!! Phil

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    • That’s a great way to look at it. I pause when I step into meditation class but usually I am a woman on a mission when I drive. Getting people where they need to be and checking off an endless list of things to do. No time for me to pause. And I swear there’s a light every ten feet here! How can you get anywhere if you’re pausing every ten feet lol! I love your perspective though.

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