It’s Never Too Late


As the sun goes down, I am reminded that this day is coming to an end. Every single day that passes is one less day I have left to live. I don’t tell myself these things to feel depressed, I remind myself to take advantage of and appreciate every day. I can spend my time worrying and stressing about the things I will never be able to change or I can find every reason to find something worthwhile in everyday. I sometimes I forget I have a choice. I may not be able to pick and choose my circumstances but I do have power over how I respond to anything and everything that happens. I am committed to living a better life. I am focused on keeping this place of calm where everything is put nearly into perspective so that I can enjoy my time here on this beautiful earth and look forward to getting out of bed to see what wonderful surprises the day might hold. Healthy, happy thoughts take commitment and practice and I feel myself getting better and stronger with each new day. We can choose our thoughts so why not pick more good ones? We are meant to be happy and sometimes the only thing preventing that happiness is our own voice. It’s never too late to make a change. 


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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