Fighting My Way Through


Some days all I can do is wonder to myself, why? So many questions without answers, so many problems I can’t seem to find solutions to. Some days I just can’t. No matter what I do, I just can’t. Do you have those kinds of days too? How do you get through them?

10 thoughts on “Fighting My Way Through

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    what helps me get through days like that is writing new music, sometimes just playing the piano is a way to express what I either don’t want to give words to or simply can’t.

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  2. I wish I had a piano I felt comfortable just sitting with and having that kind of writing time. Instead, I delve into writing complex books and the occasional digital artwork. I have guitars but no ambition presently to learn how to play.

    I have plenty of those days with too many questions/upsets and no answers/solutions. How do I get through them? I just do. It’s a bit like riding a roller coaster or canoe and hitting a sharp drop or turn. These periods of discontent take me by surprise. All I can do is go along for the ride.

    Worst case scenario: I am overwhelmed because the questions or difficulties need to be dealt with that day while other challenges appear or divide my attention, resulting in what I dread, a panic attack. So, the best I seem able to do is to just shut down my alarm system and ride those days out, hoping calmer, more sensible waters are just around the bend with answers to spare. If I don’t make it to the calmer waters, I guess it was just my time to go.

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    • That all makes perfect sense to me. It’s awesome you have some kind of outlet. I think everyone needs that. I used to have a few but I have given them up recently. Maybe it’s time to find something that holds my interest. Today it will be picking weeds. Perhaps I am struggling to do that in my own life but at least outside I notice the difference. Thanks for the response. Sometimes it’s enough to know someone is on the other end just hearing me.


      • Giving up all your “outlets” sounds like a recipe for disaster, like breaking off the brakes on a bicycle or the wheels off a skateboard.

        If you can find serenity in picking weeds…I dunno if that deserves a salute or what. 🙂

        What do you mean you notice outside? Your physical appearance in the mirror? You notice what?

        I wish sometimes people heard me more often or poked their nose in to check on me, not spy on me or demand my assistance. I have endured many years without a satisfactory ear. It’s rough.


  3. I mean I see the clean yard when I pick weeds outside but the process sometimes goes unnoticed in my own life. I’m a work in progress but I never “see” the neat and clean version.

    I know what you mean about people poking in just because they want to be there. It seems like criticism is always waiting outside the door but that hey, I’m thinking of you and just wanted to let you know often hides away. That unconditional friendship is so needed yet absent these days as we all get caught up in the everyday things that just don’t even matter.

    I always appreciate your perspective on things.


  4. I’m puzzling over this clean version and process business. So, you feel a sense of accomplishment when you clear a yard of weeds but not when working on yourself? Or, you struggle to improve yourself as fast/well as you tackle a case of weeds?

    YOU are hiding?

    Yea, that stuff that doesn’t matter. Subject to opinion because many a driving force in this world will tell you a different story, trying to get you to buy into their visions. Who is right? And, when can WE be in the right and have others offer to boost us up without ulterior motives?

    Thanks. Er, you’re welcome.

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