A Moment of Gratitude


It can’t be a coincidence that just the right person comes into our lives at just the right moment. Sometimes I get stuck in my limited thinking and someone comes along who offers a new hope and a new perspective on a situation that has grown discouraging and stale. Today I say thank you to people who take time to lift others up. Thank you to the special ones who do not stand and judge but rather listen with a compassionate heart. You are the real leaders, the difference makers and a ray of hope for our desperately lost souls. 


2 thoughts on “A Moment of Gratitude

  1. I remember when I’d been told I didn’t need chemo and had to be on my own. There were two old dears at the bus stop and I needed to hug my Mum who was 130 miles away. Once I explained why, we had a group hug at the bus stop and it did wonders for me.

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