Be Your Own Kind of Hero


Today I am reminded of the times I’ve faced adversity. I used to count on the fact that there would be help out there waiting. Someone, somewhere would be ready and willing to save me. The hardest lesson I have ever learned is that I have to save myself. There are no fairy godmothers or superheroes waiting to throw me a life raft. I either swim on my own to safety or I drown. Simple as that. 

I am happy to report that I am a much stronger swimmer these days. What doesn’t kill you, defeat or destroy every ounce of hope you have will indeed make you stronger. It’s true that sometimes being strong is the only choice we have and when you fake the role enough times, eventually you become  a natural. So today is a reminder that there is help. Look in the mirror and your help will be staring you back in the face. You have to be your own hero because the ones you see in movies are make believe. You’ve got this. I know it. We both do!


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