What If We Miss the Mark?


I bought expensive shampoo because I am having some serious hair issues. Yesterday I squeezed too much out of a bottle that is already almost empty. 

 Our time is like that too.

 We only have so much of it and when we waste a chunk of it carelessly, we can’t open up our lives and pour that time back in. It’s easy to think we are spending our time on something meaningful and important. We long to change the world and leave our mark long after we’re gone. The thing is, how do we know what is important to the heart and what feeds our need for power within? I know my heart longs for connection. Our actions and our words and our crusade to change the world is breaking down those connections a little more everyday. We are the sum of our parts and when some of our parts are broken off because of our own actions, we can never be whole. Just something to think about today. 

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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