Take a Knee


Take a knee, don’t take a knee…I just don’t care. I don’t want to be sucked into the endless drama. I will say this though. I have seen several posts telling people what the flag does or not represent and my answer is this. Our experiences and our journey through life determines what something means to us personally. No one has a right to label, define or determine what value something holds for us. Here’s a little story.

Last year I was at an all time low. I was dwelling on the things I was powerless to change and the hopelessness that filled my heart was excruciating. I remember the moment when everything changed and I chuckle even now as I think about it today. I went to Hollywood Studios and I was sitting in a musical sing along for the show Frozen. Let It Go came on and the words hit me like a strike of lightening. In that moment, I became one with an energy that remained part of me. Some could argue it’s just a silly Disney song or represents a meaningless children’s movie but for me it became so much more…my grit, my hope, my determination, my inspiration to get back to being me. Today I walked 5 miles and that song played over and over on repeat for every single step. It is my reminder to leave yesterday behind and keep moving forward. Who knows where my steps will take me but anywhere is better than standing in the same place. 

Let the storm rage on for everyone else but have enough love and respect for each moment you are given to have the courage to Let that #### Go! That is where freedom really is.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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