The Naked Truth


I’m realizing more and more lately how challenging it is to completely love and respect someone exactly the way they are. We have these damaging ideals of how and who someone should be and when they fall a little bit short, we take notice. Maybe the reflection of our own imperfections is what really stands out and we project our exasperation and irritation onto the innocent person standing before our eyes. Maybe it is the intolerance for our own flaws that draws out our disappointment in desperate hope that if someone else can reach perfection than maybe, somehow we can too. Maybe it’s just too painful to stare into our own naked soul so we focus our attention on the nakedness of another. One of the biggest challenges is to really love another but even more challenging yet, is to accept and love ourselves.

4 thoughts on “The Naked Truth

  1. Or, to put it another way, or see it from another angle, we seek fault in others when we don’t like something we discover or re-discover in ourselves, hoping in some dark, twisted way that we will find common ground in mutual imperfection. We don’t feel so good when someone else does better; so we try to knock them down a peg, whether we do so directly or through means like gossip. It isn’t usually a conscious move but a dark influence we let creep into our psyches when the urge to cower and/or sulk gets tickled by temptation, lowering our guard.

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