When Did Ugly Become Fashionable?


I make a real effort to see the good in all things. I do believe that there is plenty out there to celebrate and be grateful for. Occasionally though, after a long weekend, I wake up tired on Monday morning. I mistakenly turn to Facebook to start my day and there it is, blatantly staring back at me. Ugliness is a real detriment to humanity. What concerns me though is that people wear ugliness on their sleeve as if it were fashionable. When did it become popular and fashionable to be ugly? Why are these people who are ugly in their thoughts and words our strongest voices and our growing leaders? We have to stop giving these kinds of people merit and validity and call them what they are, ugly. 

Today, my wish is that your inner beauty shines brighter than any ugliness you encounter. We cannot allow ugliness of spirit be the norm or the popular trend. We need to make a statement and be an example of inner beauty that shines a light on all that is ugly so that ugliness will no longer be applauded, celebrated and popular. Do your part and be the change we so desperately need in these troubling times. Shine your light. Shine it now.


6 thoughts on “When Did Ugly Become Fashionable?

  1. Beautiful post!! Smile at someone waiting in line with you to get on the bus or subway, open the door for someone…a while ago, I had finished a long difficult shift (I hear ugly hurting youths all the time at my work) and sat down next to a girl on the Métro. I sat on her coat and moved over and apologized and she smiled motioning with her body, ‘no big deal’; her smile warmed my soul, it was that genuine! As she got up to leave at her next stop, I told her, “You have a beautiful smile. What a lovely way to end my day.”

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