A Time of Transformation


Fall is a time of change. With every leaf that falls from the tree, I think of days of my own life falling quietly away. I imagine them all there, lying at my feet as I rustle through them. Some are beautiful and others aren’t worth noticing but all of them make up my past. They make up a large pile of me. Who I was, who I am and who I am yet to become.  I am reminded that life is a beautiful process and journey of transformation. I often pick a word to set an intention to guide me through this time so that I will come out of it a little bit different and hopefully a little better. I’ve chosen this word before but the time has come again to soften. It’s time to soften those rough edges of myself. Time to soften my words and the tone of my voice. Time to soften my thoughts and my expectations of myself and others. Time to soften my thoughts and the hardness I sometimes carry in my heart. My intention is to soften in the way I react. To use softer words when emotions are raging inside of me. To soften my face to look more loving and less angry. Today starts the unfolding of a softer, more patient, more loving version of myself. Today I will soften. What is your intention today?

10 thoughts on “A Time of Transformation

  1. I am reading this at a time, I too sit here in self-reflection. Autumn is such a good month for that. I have hardened around the edges of late, and I know it is a shield to support me to get through these difficult days. Autumn is a time where many give up rather than let go. And so this past weekend I have asked for time off…just an extra 3 days added on to my 3 day weekend to soak those hardened edges and be kinder to myself. To give to me fully, selfishly without any guilt, so I can again be whole and the softer person…no longer hiding under this shield.

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